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Caratteristiche dell’Elicriso

L’elicriso è detto la piantà dell’eterna giovinezza perchè il colore e la forma dei suoi fiori gialli durano a lungo dopo la raccolta.

Il suo profumo è dolce e caldo, ricorda il miele e il fieno essiccato.

"100% pure organic essential oil".

How to use essential oils

In the bathroom:

Under the effects of water and heat, the pores of the skin dilate, allowing the body to absorb the active ingredients of the various essential oils, while the vapours inhaled during the bath reinforce their beneficial effect.

Essential oils are not water-soluble and, depending on the essence chosen, should be diluted in 5 to 20 drops per bath in an oil base.

In massage:

Due to their extreme volatility, essential oils easily cross the skin barrier and penetrate the body. The skin is therefore a perfect carrier for their active ingredients. While maintaining the rule of correct dilution in a massage oil (in this case 50 to 100 drops in 100 ml of vegetable oil), various effects can be produced depending on the essential oil chosen.

In the air:

Some essential oils have a recognised disinfectant effect (Thyme) and help to keep the air you breathe pure. Others have relaxing or stimulating effects. Just a few drops in the electric diffuser will make the air in your home cleaner and more fragrant.

OM essential oil extraction process

Essential oils are fragrant, oily and volatile substances obtained from medicinal plants. OM obtains its oils by steam current or by pressing, in accordance with organic specifications. 

Steam distillation and pressing are delicate operations because they must allow the collection of the essence of the plant itself, with its active principles, without damaging its quality, and they must be carried out respecting the balsamic timing of the plants. OM organic essential oils are 100% pure, ICEA and COSMOS ORGANIC certified.


If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or receiving medical treatment, consult your doctor first. Why? When essential oils are inhaled through the nose or absorbed through the skin, they stimulate hormones, so care should be taken by pregnant women. Excessive use can also lead to psychological changes or dermatitis.