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Montauto's Officinali organic cosmetics help stimulate the skin's self-renewal by combining the best herbs of Tuscany known worldwide for their unique properties.

OM uses officinal herbs, aromatic herbs, plants and flowers with the unique properties and fragrances of Tuscany, an Italian region loved all over the world for its unspoilt landscapes and perfect Mediterranean climate.

With the conviction that biological is not an end in itself, but a responsible choice for the future, every day we create cosmetics with excellent efficacy and a "texture" that is easily absorbed by the skin, composing the perfect mix of natural ingredients.

Today Officinali di Montauto only offers certified products Natrue.

Our daily work is based on total respect for nature and people, avoiding toxic substances that may impact on agriculture and health. This is why we do not use pesticides, insecticides or herbicides that are harmful to health and the environment, nor ingredients of animal origin.

The climate in Tuscany, with an average annual temperature of 16 degrees, is perfect for growing herbs. With its proximity to the sea, the soil is rich in minerals, making it much more fertile than in other regions. 

In particular, the Tuscan Maremma, where OM is located, is home to rich thermal springs, which have some of the best healing properties in Italy, and the plants grown here have a distinctive fragrance and effectiveness.

As the skin is the largest organ in the body, we are convinced that cosmetics that come into direct contact with it should be completely organic.

The founder, Luigi Scognamiglio, a great lover and scholar of plants, after numerous trips around the world, bought the estate in Tuscany in 2003. After lengthy work to adapt the land to its new use and the present buildings to be used as laboratories and homes, the marketing of Officinali di Montauto products began in 2008.

In respect of the nature that hosts Officinali di Montauto, the cultivation of the many types of Mediterranean plants is strictly organic.
The use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers accelerates growth and protects against bacteria, but impoverishes the land and alters its balance. 

Organic farming, on the other hand, works in synergy with its host environments, feeding the land with the necessary nitrogen, not nitrates. The agricultural process avoids leaving waste, recovering it and transforming it into natural nourishment for crops.

Another fundamental principle of the company is sustainable production for a limited number of orders. 

This philosophy has always been our trademark.

Organic cosmetics

Ihe organic cosmetic must not only contain ingredients that come from organic farming, but must also be the result of a certified organic production process.

Officinali di Montauto is organic and sustainable cosmetics.




Sustainability starts with you!

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